Calling all EUROGNOSI language teachers!
EUROGNOSI invites all teachers within the network to participate in a competition with the aim of focusing on best practice in the classroom.

Objective of the competition
– to provide teachers with the opportunity to demonstrate their teaching skills in the context of a communicative EUROGNOSI lesson

The competition in a nutshell
– The EUROGNOSI lesson stands out, your lesson stands out and this is your chance to stand out! We are looking for teachers to send in video recording extracts of their lesson, in which the EUROGNOSI system is demonstrated


– You will need to send in a video recording of your lesson together with a document, stipulating a) the level, b) the lesson objective, c) the class profile d) the materials used

– The video should be maximum 20 minutes long, which means that it could either involve the introduction to your lesson, or your presentation, homework correction etc. You should ensure that during the extract, you demonstrate one or more of the following:
How you have
– integrated technology in your lesson
– personalized the learning experience
– advocated pair work / group work
– focused on self-correction
– placed emphasis on skill integration
– included activities that develop critical thinking and 21st century skills

The competition will commence on Monday, 25/11/19 and the deadline for submission is Friday, 20/12/19.

The winners will be announced in mid-January 2020.

Important note

Even though the bulk of the recording will focus on your teaching skills, you will still need your students’ parents to sign a consent form, which will be sent to participating EUROGNOSI centres.
Evaluation & Prizes

The academic department will evaluate the lesson extract and will choose three winners, as follows:
First prize: three-day trip abroad (plane tickets and accommodation)
Second prize: one-night stay around Greece
Third prize: 100 Euro Public voucher

*Please note that the competition is open to teachers of all languages.
May the best teachers win!

Διαβάστε εδώ τους όρους και τις προυποθέσεις του Διαγωνισμού

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